The Solitaire

City Developments Ltd


Award Winning, Residential


The Solitaire is an exclusive gem set in the heart of Balmoral Park. This 12/13 storey residential development was created from a joint collaboration between Team Design Architects and Carlos OTT. The interesting topography resulted in buildings designed to sit on a unique site with drastic slope descending according to natural terraced terrain from Balmoral Park Road towards Robin Road. 3 mature Tembusu trees are conserved at the junction of Robin/Stevens Road, which enhance the elegance of the new development. The result presents a sensitive building design both refreshing and unique, which captures a challenging terrain and terracing landscape features. A strong signature of the curved facade design of the buildings comes from the large curving balconies and trellis beam features as sun shading devices, in response to the curving Robin Road. The overall design creates individuality, and with private lift provisions to the 3 and 4 bedroom units, result in the exclusive solitaire feel.


BCA Construction Excellence Awards, 2011
BCA Construction Productivity Awards- Gold award, 2011
BCA Construction Quality Assessment System Scored Projects, 2010
BCA Green Mark Awards- Platinum award, 2008